Average speed cameras for A217, between M25 and Banstead


This article was published on 18 October.

An average speed camera system is being put in place along the A217 between M25 Junction 8 and Fir Tree Road in Banstead.

Each major section of the road will have cameras to record entry and exit times, to calculate the average speed.

The new equipment will replace the Gatso cameras and mobile checks which enforce the 40mph limit at fixed points.

Although the speed limit hasn’t changed, motorists have taken to social media to point out the new signs and cameras.

There’s no published go-live date, so presumably it makes sense to assume the system is operational when using the road – and of course the limit remains as before, with other enforcement options available.

A spokesman at Surrey County Council’s press office did say on Monday (16 October) that as well as physical installation of the new system, testing and calibration were needed, and for the computer equipment to be ready.  He added that the expectation was that tickets would start “end of this month or the start of next month”.

A briefing note prepared earlier in October explains that the cameras have safety and environmental benefits because they discourage acceleration and deceleration between enforcement points.

The note also refers to a 2016 national study by the RAC Foundation which showed a fall in fatal and serious collisions of 25 – 46% at sites where the cameras had been put in.

The existing Gatso “wet film” cameras are becoming obsolete with suppliers unable to guarantee the availability of parts, the note adds.

Proposals to install the new system have been around since at least March 2015.


Briefing note sent to us by Surrey County Council:


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