Good news – missing puppy Mika has been found

Now found: Mika

Mika, the cocker spaniel puppy who went missing, believed stolen, has been found and is now back at home.

She disappeared on Sunday (20 August), around 1.30pm, at the Dog & Duck in Outwood, having run ahead after a walk, into the car park.  Surrey Police said they were investigating witness reports that she had been picked up and taken in a white van.

News of Mika’s disappearance was shared across the UK on social media and in national press, and posters were also put up by helpers locally.

But yesterday evening, Wednesday, there was good news after a man found a cocker spaniel at the pub and got in touch with the family to see if it might be Mika.

Happily, it was, and a reunion soon took place, with champagne and doggie treats.

Surrey Mirror article has a quote from the owner saying she believes all the publicity meant the dog became “too hot to handle”, and whoever took Mika changed their mind.   She has thanked everyone who helped in the search, as she has also done on the Get Mika Home Facebook page.


Now found: Mika


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