Hospital adopts coloured walking aids to reduce falls

L-R: Jessica Miller (occupational therapist), Natalie Mabbutt, Paula Tucker


Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust is working to reduce falls at East Surrey Hospital for patients who use walking frames to help their mobility.

The frames are now coloured red, which will increase the contrast with the surrounding environment.  This will help patients see the aids better and encourage them to use them more.

The trust says that falls in hospital are the most commonly reported safety incident, with more than 240,000 falls reported in England’s acute hospitals each year.

Paula Tucker, deputy chief nurse said earlier this month:

“As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce the rate of inpatients falls we have begun a trial this week on Nutfield Ward at East Surrey Hospital.

There is growing evidence about the benefit of using strong contrasting colours for patients with dementia, as well as those with visual impairment.”

Natalie Mabbutt, physiotherapist, added:

“We hope to see a reduction in patient falls and an increase in patients using their mobility aids.”



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