Kids can take sports car to surgery

(Photo via Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust)


Young patients at East Surrey Hospital who need surgery can now drive a miniature sports car – a model Tesla S – to the operating theatre.

Mr Tim Campbell-Smith, a surgeon, and a Tesla owner, was keen to get a little car for children to drive on their way to theatre prior to a surgical procedure.

He put out a call on social media, and a man from Glasgow, grateful for NHS treatment he’d received, stepped in and donated the model electric car.

Mr Campbell-Smith said:

“Allowing young patients to drive a mini car to theatres can help to improve patient experience by helping children to feel less anxious and focus on something else before surgery.

I put a post on the Tesla owners Facebook page to ask for support to try and get a free model car for our young patients.

I was over the moon when I received a response from Mark Print in Glasgow, Scotland, who kindly offered to donate a brand new Tesla Model S car that he owned.  Mark told me that he was very grateful to the NHS and was delighted that young patients would benefit and use the car.”

He added:

“Mark, a Tesla owner, was pleased to donate the mini-Tesla as a big thank you to the whole of the NHS for looking after him after receiving a lung transplant five years ago at Freeman hospital, Newcastle.

A small token of his thanks for everything the NHS does to make people better, and hopefully this can bring some extra happiness to children experiencing the toughest of times”.


L-R Mayla Monderin and Barbara Raine with the car (photo via SASH)



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