Letter: trust chief executive thanks NHS staff

Michael Wilson CBE (Photo via SASH)

Michael Wilson, chief executive at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, has written in, praising the efforts of NHS staff during the recent pressure.

The trust’s services include running East Surrey Hospital.


19 January 2018

Every day in recent weeks we have seen many negative stories in the media about the unprecedented high demand on NHS services across the country and the pressures this has created.  I am very concerned that these stories could encourage people to believe that the NHS is letting patients down. This is simply not the case.

NHS staff across the country are working really hard and making a huge effort to provide safe care and to keep waiting times as short as possible.

Of course, we apologise to anyone who has experienced a delay. However, I would like the stories covered by the media to focus on the good things being done and the difference this makes rather than just seeking negative pieces to publish.

Every hour of every day our fantastic NHS staff in our hospitals continue to face and deal with difficult and challenging circumstances and, along with our health and social care partners, continue to provide the best possible care for patients.

It is time to stand up and say a huge thank to our fantastic NHS staff and let them know how valued they are and just how much the care they give is appreciated.

I am immensely proud of the frontline staff at my own hospital and all staff across the NHS and also all those who work behind the scenes to support the clinical teams caring for patients.

I invite local people to join me in saying thank you.

Michael Wilson CBE, Chief Executive, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust


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