Morrisons Reigate: layout signage to be improved


First lane at right. Photo taken Dec 2016


Morrisons says it will be improving signage and road markings in its Reigate car park, having listened to customer feedback.

Turning right to enter the first lane was prohibited last year, to assist with traffic flow.  No-entry signs, and a road marking, were put in.

Motorists still sometimes turn into the lane, apparently not having seen the signage, which sits at right-angles to drivers’ vision as they enter the car park.

Now Morrisons is saying it will be making changes including:

  • amending the position of the no-entry signs to make it easier for drivers to spot them
  • improving road markings to emphasise the one way arrangement
  • adding ‘new layout ahead’ signage

A Morrisons spokeswoman said:

“We have listened to customer comments and plan to make a range of changes to simplify the new layout at Reigate.

The changes will help to ease congestion at the car park entrance and include additional signage and improved road markings.”

Work is expected start in the next few weeks.

Before the changes late last year, only the end lane of the car park, near the dry cleaning shop, was no-entry – although new signage was also added there.



First lane viewed from the store. Photo taken March 2017




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