Morrisons Reigate: no-entry signs in first lane under review

First lane at right. Photo taken Dec 2016

Morrisons is “reviewing the situation” as regards the no-entry signs in the first lane of its Reigate car park.

Turning right to enter the lane was prohibited last year, to assist with traffic flow.

“No entry” signs were installed, and a road marking, but at a right-angle to drivers’ vision as they enter the car park.

A recent article attracted a number of Facebook comments criticising the signs’ visibility, with some people saying they hadn’t noticed them before.

Motorists can often be seen entering the lane, or starting a right turn into it before abruptly braking.

When asked to comment on the signs, a Morrisons spokeswoman said:

“We are listening to customer comments and reviewing the situation.”

The rule change was apparently made in October or November 2016.   Morrisons said earlier this year:

“Customers told us that at peak times they found it difficult to access the store car park. As a result, we have made changes to help improve the flow of traffic and reduce congestion.”

The last lane of the car park, near the dry cleaning shop, was already no-entry – although new signage was also added.


First lane viewed from the store. Photo taken March 2017


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