New cherry trees being replaced

A blue tarpaulin is at the spot where the trees stood (Photo:


Three cherry trees installed last year on the ‘island’ at the junction of London Road and Castlefield Road have been taken down by Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, to be replaced by a tulip tree.

The trees comprised three different varieties, to extend the flowering period, and were planted last spring to replace the previous cherry tree which was in decline and which had developed a fungal infection.

But now Reigate & Banstead says the trees had lacked the “impact” they expected and would have taken significant time to mature.

A spokesperson said on Friday:

“The cherry trees are due to be replaced next week by a mature Liriodendron tulipefera (tulip tree) which will be more fitting for this highly visible location.

It will be accompanied by herbaceous perennials as under-planting to improve the visual impact of the site. The new tree pit was prepared today, ready for planting.

We have been closely monitoring the cherry trees and it was felt that they lacked the impact we had envisioned for the site and will take a significant amount of time to mature. They will be relocated to other sites that require replacement planting.”

Below are some photos of the cherry trees, and their predecessor.


The trees in June 2017 (photo:


Another shot of the trees in June 2017 (photo:


The stump of the old tree in March 2017, before the new trees went in (photo:


The old tree, which had become diseased, in 2016 (photo:



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