On-street parking charges could be coming to borough’s town centres

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Parking in Reigate & Banstead’s town centres is to be reviewed in 2018, with on-street charges a possibility.

Details are sketchy, but both the county and the borough council will be involved, with a public consultation.

The project is separate from Surrey’s regular parking review, the most recent of which proposes rule changes to over 60 of the borough’s roads and which is shortly to go out for public comment.

The new review was briefly mentioned at a Surrey County Council local committee back in December.  County councillor Graham Knight – who is also the borough councillor who looks after parking in Reigate & Banstead -said:

“During the course of 2018 we will be discussing the possibility of introducing on-street parking charges, certainly in some of our town centres in the borough.”

An “updated parking system”

Cllr Knight gave more background at Reigate & Banstead’s overview & scrutiny committee last week, saying that the council’s aim was for its car parks and street bays to encourage visits to town shops and businesses, with fees and restrictions set so as to “promote turnover”.

He added:

“There is a parking review which is about to begin, as we all know, with regard to introducing an updated parking system which may include on-street parking charges for 2019.”

Explaining that parking income was a “vital source of funding”, he said the council also wanted to “ensure that on-street parking is safe for all road users” and that it would encourage “churn in town centres.”  Cllr Knight continued:

“We have, I think, all of us around this table in this chamber, known there are times when there are the usual suspects blocking town centre roads, where effectively they’d be better used for people who want to pop in for half an hour.”


In response to our request for a comment on review timings, Frank Etheridge, the borough’s head of recycling, cleansing and parking, said:

“Surrey County Council and Reigate and Banstead Borough Council are presently planning to commission a review of parking, both on and off street.

Timings are not yet available.

The process will be subject to public consultation in due course.”

The next Surrey County Council local committee for Reigate & Banstead meets in March: that might be when the item next gets a substantial airing, but we haven’t (yet) asked Surrey.



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