Parking changes to progress to consultation

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Changes to parking rules on over 60 roads in Reigate & Banstead will be the subject of a consultation expected to take place after Christmas.

Surrey County Council has put together a list from more than 300 requests, as part of the parking review that takes place for the borough every 15 months.

The proposals seek to help with the availability of parking for residents, congestion and road safety.

Plans in Reigate include new double yellows in parts of Reigate Road, Croydon Road, Manor Road, Sandcross Lane, Somers Road and Flanchford Road.  Parking bays at Trehaven Parade would become time-limited.

Approve, adjust, consult, decide

Approval to go out to consultation was given on 4 December at Surrey’s Local Committee for Reigate & Banstead, on which both county and borough councillors sit.

With some members saying they wanted to discuss particular plans further with officers, it was agreed that they could have until 19 December to do that, before the list for advertisement and consultation is finalised.

Once the consultation takes place after Christmas, officers and key county councillors will consider responses before deciding what schemes should go ahead (unless there are no objections).   The aim is to put them in place prior to July 2018.

Reigate roads “overwhelmed”

County Cllr Zully Grant-Duff (Con), noted at the meeting the large number of proposals that fell within her Reigate division.  She said this was not a surprise, as the area was “completely overwhelmed”, adding:

“It is an extremely difficult balance between the needs of our residents and the type of restrictions that they would feel most comfortable with, and the need to keep our roads clear from congestion and safe for all.”

She urged residents to give their views, saying:

“All objections, agreements, or suggestions will be looked at as part of this consultation.”


Borough councillor Michael Blacker (Con) said he would provide officers with comments on proposals in his Reigate Central ward, but did raise a concern that double yellow lines would displace parking elsewhere.

On plans to extend double yellows on the north-western side of Croydon Road for a distance up from the fire station, he said:

“That’s going to cause chaos.

Because of the ridiculous parking rules forced upon us, a whole load of flats have grown up along this road.   And there’s nowhere for them all to park, so they’re parking in the road.

Where the hell are they going to park?  There’s got to be something like 30 or 40 cars there.  Where are they going to park?

We’ve got to decide where they’re going to park first, before we start putting double yellow lines everywhere.”

He also raised similar concerns on plans for double yellows on Reigate Road from Chart Lane to the police station, and criticised plans to install double yellows on both sides of a section of Flanchford Road, rather than just one side which he said he and residents supported.

“We are here to work with our residents”

County Cllr Grant-Duff picked up on Cllr Blacker’s points, saying:

“[He] has just displayed the typical anxiety we all feel about any proposals for new restrictions.

What I would say is that we, certainly county councillors, this committee and our officers, are well accustomed to taking into account all comments received during consultations.”

She added:

“For any one person for whom the restriction is the right answer, there is another person for whom the restriction is not the right answer.  So we are here to work with our residents.”

(Cllr Grant-Duff is also a borough councillor for Reigate Hill, but attends the meeting in her role as a county councillor.)

Emotive issues

As members raised points from across the borough, chair of the meeting County Cllr Jeff Harris (Con) emphasised that the purpose of the session was not to decide the proposals, but approve the consultation, in which he encouraged everyone to take part.

He noted residential parking concerns, saying:

“In certain areas of the borough [these] are some of the most emotive issues affecting everybody, and actually can lead to much more, shall we say, anti-social behaviour if we don’t try to get it right.”

He added:

“Unfortunately, it’s likely we won’t be able to satisfy everybody but we can try to satisfy the overwhelming majority.”

Wider review

The report to the meeting said a number of requests from residents didn’t make the list because of fears parking problems would just move to other roads:

“There are undoubtedly difficulties for residents caused by non-residents parking in in their roads but this needs to be addressed with a more strategic approach.

To this end the parking task group is developing a parking strategy which can look at controlling parking over a wide area in town centres, rather than individual roads in isolation.”

Reigate roads potentially affected

The county council are looking at the following changes in “Reigate” and “Woodhatch”.  The list may change before consultation, but no new roads will be added.  A full list of roads across the borough, and the council’s thinking is available here (see item 9).

(Changes to just single spaces not shown.)

Bassett Drive – “Introduce DYL in the turning head, including the emergency vehicle access area, at the East Road end. Install DYL on the inside of the bend next to number 7.”

Beaufort Drive – “Extend SYL along the northern side of the eastwest part of Beaufort Close and introduce it also on the eastern side of the north-south part of the road and around the northern turning circle.”

Bell Street – “Replace the SYL with DYL south from the junction with Bancroft Road to in line with the southern boundary of 51 Bell Street.” (51 Bell Street is Richer Sounds)

Cockshot Hill – “Extend DYL on eastern side of Cockshot Hill slip road opposite 70 Cockshot Hill by 20 metres”

Croydon Road – “Extend DYL from the entrance to the Surrey Fire & Rescue Service headquarters along the northwestern side of the road up to the boundary of 51 & 53 Croydon Road”

East Road – “Introduce DYL at the junction with Nutley Lane, along the whole of the northern side of “Old” East Road up to and on the corner by the electricity sub station and on the opposite corner outside number 22.”

Flanchford Road – “Introduce DYL on the common side of the first bend in Flanchford Road and on the other side from the boundary of Broom House and The Green south up to in line with the northeastern building line of number 12.”

Manor Road – “Introduce 20 metre lengths of DYL in front of numbers 3, 5, 9, 13, 16 & 20”

Norbury Road – “Introduce a resident permit parking scheme, operating 10am-12 noon, Monday-Friday, with permit holders only past this point signs outside numbers 3 and 4”

Oak Road / Warren Road – “Introduce DYL on both sides of the junction of Oak Road and Warren Road”

Reigate Road – “Introduce DYL on south side from junction with Chart Lane to entrance to Reigate police station”.

Sandcross Lane – “Introduce DYL on both sides and opposite the junction of Sandcross Lane and Barons Way”

Sandhills Road – “Introduce DYL on both sides of both junctions of Sandhills Road and Cockshot Hill and along the whole of the inside kerb of the road.”

Somers Road – “Introduce DYL on both sides at the junction of Somers Road and Reigate Hill, extending into Somers Road on the south side up to the eastern boundary of number 1 and on the north side up to the entrance to Somers Close.”

Trehaven Parade – “Introduce parking bays with a maximum stay of 1 hour, with no return for 1 hour, operating 8am – 6.30pm Monday to Saturday, in place of existing unrestricted parking bays and convert the two disabled bays to a maximum stay for blue badge holders only of 3 hours, with no return for 1 hour. Introduce DYL opposite 1A Trehaven Parade, alongside number 8.”

Worcester Road – “Introduce a resident permit parking scheme, operating 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday, with permit holders only past this point signs.”

Wray Park Road – “Introduce a parking bay operating Monday to Friday 8am-6.30pm [stay of 1 hour], no return for 2 hours, across the front of Brooklands School”



Meeting papers – scroll to item 9 for list of possible changes across borough, with reasons and drawings.


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