Pay-on-exit for Bancroft Road car park still being worked on

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Design work continues on a pay-on-exit system for the Bancroft Road multi-storey car park in Reigate.

It’s been just over 18 months since Reigate & Banstead Borough Council decided, in January 2017, to put out a tender for the scheme, which would replace pay-and-display.

The council’s view was that with pay-on-exit, people will stay longer in the town centre, as they’ll no longer have to rush back to their cars before their time expires: they’ll just pay for however long their car is there.  (Presumably the logic still applies even with the advent of mobile parking app Ringgo.)

Eventually, pay-on-exit may be used at other sites – Bancroft Road was chosen as a pilot because of how busy it is, and the fact that it’s a multi-storey.

Earlier this week asked the council about the status of the project.  Frank Etheridge, head of service for recycling, cleansing and parking, said:

“We’re currently awaiting a design modification and further traffic impact statements before progressing the pay-on-exit project at Bancroft Road car park, Reigate.”

The scheme was also discussed a couple of months ago at the council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee on 12 June.  The minutes state:

“It was confirmed that pilot work was being undertaken on a pay-on-exit scheme at the Bancroft Road site, with consideration being required to ensure there was not an adverse effect on traffic.

It was noted that the timescale for future implementation of related schemes would be confirmed.”



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