Pebble Hill Road closes again

Graphic from Sutton and East Surrey Water (opens PDF)
UPDATE:  This is an old story.  Looking for information about the May 2015 closing of the road? Please click here

Pebble Hill Road has closed again to through traffic, to allow Sutton and East Surrey Water to carry out mains replacement work.  (Jan 2015)

Information on the company’s website says this closure will be for about two weeks.

The road originally closed in September 2014, but opened again on 24 December 2014.  At that time the company had said it would need to re-close the road.

The company says that it “would like to thank all drivers, residents and local businesses for their patience and cooperation while we carry out these essential works.”

According to the company, the Pebble Hill works have been a £1million improvement project to replace the mains, some of which dates as far back as 1892.  The company says the replacement work is needed now to reduce the risk of mains failures and assure the security of water supplies.  The company adds that the improvements will include increased capacity and flexibility, and will reduce leakage risks.

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