Pebble Hill Road to stay open at Easter


UPDATE:  This is an old story.  Looking for information about the May 2015 closing of the road? Please click here

Pebble Hill Road in Betchworth was due to close for a week around the Easter holidays for water mains work, but that has now been postponed.

The Sutton and East Surrey Water webpage says:

We previously announced that Pebble Hill Road would be closed again for approximately one week around the Easter holidays to allow for decommissioning the old main. However, due to the tunnelling work under the railway line being more complex than anticipated, the road closure has now been put back.

The company says that when it has the exact dates it will update its webpage, parish councils, local media, and Twitter.

Anyone with problems or questions is advised to contact the company’s  Customer Services Team on 01737 772000.

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