Priory Park play area to close for seven weeks for new equipment


The children’s play area in Priory Park will close temporarily, from Monday 15 May to Saturday 1 July (2017).

During that time, new splash play equipment will be installed.  This will replace the current system which is showing signs of wear and tear.

The new area will include wet pour rubber flooring, a popular playground safety surface.  This will made up of two colours, to depict sand and water.   The effect will  make the playground’s signature feature, the ship, look close to the beach.

The existing, physical, sand will be permanently removed.  (Update: this applies to all sand in the play area.)

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council says that the whole playground will shut during the work, for safety reasons.

Emanuel Flecken, Greenspaces Services Manager at the council, said:

“We apologise to park visitors for the inconvenience the temporary closure will cause. However, the exciting new play facility will be well worth waiting for.

The new splash pad design sprays water at a variety of heights, pressures and patterns and it is sure to be a great addition to the playground.

Whilst the facility is closed we would encourage those looking for an alternative play area to take a visit to Memorial Park, Redhill. This open space boasts a full children’s play area, free to use tennis and multi-use game areas plus a trim trail. There is also a café pavilion with toilets and an outdoor seating area.”

More information on all open spaces, including playgrounds, within the borough is available on a council webpage.

The council has explained on Facebook why the work is being done at this time:

“After installing the new flooring it must remain dry for a number of days afterwards. This time of year is the most likely period for this to happen.”



Graphic released by the council, who have confirmed the ship will remain.


Updated 5 May 2017, to include additional comment from the council on the reason for the timing of the work. Updated 10 May with confirmation that sand will go from the whole play area.

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