Reigate businesses team up to help food bank

Reigate Business Guild members with  donated items


Reigate Business Guild stepped in last month with food donations for local charity Loveworks, in view of Pillage the Village not taking place this year.

The Halloween celebration normally yields a large haul for Loveworks’ food bank, as children donate items in return for a bag in which to collect sweet treats from businesses around the town.

Organisers of the not-for-profit event, Root & Prosper, decided to take a break this year although they hope to be back in 2019.

Spotting that Loveworks would miss out on the donations this year, Reigate Business Guild and its members held their own collection of food items in mid-October.

Businesses in the town managed to build up a food pile weighing nearly one tonne, enough to fill the two transit vans which were used to drop off the items at Loveworks’ site in Merstham.

Loveworks thanked the guild for the donation, including on social media, noting that the donated food probably had a value of around £2,000.

The charity runs foodbanks in Reigate and Merstham, working with frontline professionals and using a voucher referral system.  The foodbanks are just one of a number of local projects.

Other organisations have also been collecting food for Loveworks over the autumn, including several local schools.



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