Local Freeview users may need to retune TVs

Reigate masts (photo: Ian Capper via Geograph)


Freeview users in the Reigate area may need to retune their TVs, following changes that have been made at the local transmitter group, today (21 March 2018).

A spokesperson for Freeview said:

“Changes were made to Freeview TV signals at the Reigate transmitter today and some Freeview channels moved to new airwaves.

The changes were required by Government to allow for the development of future mobile broadband services.

Any viewers who find they are missing channels can retune their Freeview TV or box to get them back.”

The company says retuning is usually straightforward but anyone who needs advice on this can call the advice line free on 0808 100 0288.  Information about the changes is also available on a Freeview webpage.

Equipment for other services that use Freeview channels, such as YouView, BT TV, TalkTalk, EE and Now TV may also need to be retuned.

The changes were advertised in advance through on-screen messages, local advertising and on social media, the spokesperson added.

Transmitters across the UK are being updated region by region as part of the engineering programme being carried out between now and 2020.

Freeview is managed by DTV Services Ltd, a company owned and run by its five shareholders: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and Arqiva.


Image credit: photo by Ian Capper used under licence 



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