Traffic lights to come and go on Reigate Hill

Looking up the hill on Friday morning – Raglan Road to the right.


It looks like temporary traffic lights on Reigate Hill (the A217) that have been causing delays will come and go for the next few days.

BT Openreach are replacing a jointbox and have permission to carry out the work until Tuesday 19 December, at the junction with Raglan Road (just down from the petrol station).

A spokesperson for the company said on Friday afternoon (15 December):

“Engineers have now switched to manually controlled traffic lights to stem the flow of traffic, in an attempt  to try and help prevent tail backs.

The engineers will continue to do this whilst they’re onsite working. The engineers will be working extended hours over the weekend daytime.

Traffic management will be required throughout and until December 19, to allow time for the concrete cure.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

Thursday evening and Friday morning’s rush hours saw long delays for drivers, with traffic backing up onto the M25 roundabout and – on Thursday evening at least – onto the M25 slip roads.



Surrey County Council’s page on roadworks

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