Consultation on Reigate Priory Junior School admissions


Surrey County Council is asking for views on changing the admission rules for Reigate Priory Junior School, to take effect for September 2019.

Under the proposals, priority would be given to children who are at Dovers Green and Holmesdale, now the only two infant schools in Reigate that don’t have a feeder link to another school.

The infant schools teach children up until the end of Year 2, and Reigate Priory takes children from Year 3 (age 7-8).  However, the current admissions policy for Reigate Priory doesn’t give priority to local infants looking for their next school.

Surrey County Council says this means some places at Reigate Priory are in fact allocated to children transferring from all-through primary schools that run to the end of Year 6.

Some of the resulting vacant places at the all-through primaries are then taken by infant school children.

Surrey’s proposals aim to reduce the amount of moving around, and ease the transition from Dovers Green and Holmesdale.

The new prioritised admission list for Reigate Priory, for September 2019 onwards, would read:

“a. Looked after and previously looked after children

b. Exceptional social/medical need

c. Siblings for whom Reigate Priory School is the nearest to their home address

d. Children attending either Dovers Green or Holmesdale Community infant schools for whom Reigate Priory School is the nearest to their home address

e. Other siblings

f. Other children attending either Dovers Green or Holmesdale Community infant schools

g. Any other children”

The consultation summary explains:

“Siblings and children attending a named feeder school would receive priority [at Reigate Priory] ahead of other children, albeit on a tiered basis based on whether or not Reigate Priory was the nearest school.

This would contribute to the continuity and positive transition for children at Dovers Green and Holmesdale Community infant schools.

Children would be less likely to be offered a place from other local primary schools, thus preventing unnecessary movement between schools and creating more stability in the area.”

The consultation has been running since 1 November, and closes on 12 December (2017), and can be found here.

A previous proposal to introduce a feeder for Reigate Priory was put forward in 2012, for pupils at Holmesdale and Reigate Parish.  However, that did not proceed.  Reigate Parish has since become an all-through primary school.

Separately, a new all-through primary school is expected to open locally from September 2018: Hatchlands Primary School will be located on the site of the former law courts, on the Reigate/Redhill border.



Consultation (including a summary document)




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