Tapas future for former Valentina site in Church Street, Reigate

Former Valentina site, earlier this year (Photo: reigate.uk)


It looks as though a new tapas bar will be coming to Reigate, at the former site of Valentina in Church Street.

Notices in the windows say that Punta Restaurants Two Limited put in a licensing application for a “tapas bar” on 14 August.

The company, which is being split off from a larger restaurant group, has just one other restaurant – Buenos Aires Argentine Steakhouse in Sweden.

The idea of a tapas bar has received a warm welcome on social media.  The company says it is still working on the design, but says it has in mind traditional tapas with fresh ingredients.

Normally the licensing application would be available for the public to see on the council’s website, but this one isn’t as it needs a detail fixing before it’s valid.

The Church Street premises have been empty since September 2017, when Valentina Fine Foods closed its Reigate branch, and are currently advertised for lease.

In addition to those welcoming the idea of a tapas future for the site, others have also flagged that the town already has a highly-regarded tapas venue at the Venture Inn in Lesbourne Road, while others have recalled memories of the Parador that sat in Cage Yard some years ago.

Article updated 29 August 2018, to clarify that Punta Restaurants Two Limited will be separate from the rest of the Punta group, and to reflect comment received from the company.


Notices on window for “New Church Street” (photo: reigate.uk)




Article from 2017 about Valentina’s departure from Reigate

Advert for the premises to lease


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