Reigate restaurant Tony Tobin @ The Dining Room closes

A renowned fine dining restaurant, Tony Tobin @ The Dining Room, at 59A High Street, Reigate, has closed.

Tony Tobin, known to TV viewers from the BBC’s “Ready Steady Cook”, became Head Chef at The Dining Room back in 1994.  He and a business partner subsequently bought out the business

A statement released yesterday by the restaurant explained the closure:

“After 25 years, it is with great sadness that we announce the closure of the restaurant Tony Tobin at the Dining Room in Reigate on 3rd August 2017.

The restaurant – like so many other independent restaurants in Britain – has been caught in a perfect storm of falling demand, increased competition from corporates and increased costs.

In Reigate, demand for fine dining has fallen dramatically in the current economic climate at a time when home delivery services have meant that chains and delivery services have persuaded people to stay at home rather than visit quality restaurants. This is sad news for everyone in the catering world but a harsh reality the restaurant has had to face head on.

The company has acted quickly to commence winding down its affairs before its position worsens and all those connected with the restaurant would like to acknowledge the exceptional service by the restaurant’s staff and suppliers over decades.”

Tony added:

“I have worked here for a quarter of a century and given my heart and soul to the Dining Room.

In recent times, my whole family has been employed here to try to make ends meet so this is devastating for us but it is the right decision in the current climate.”


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