Tunnel Road: damaged bank to be replanted this autumn

January 2018 (Photo: reigate.uk)


The section of the bank in Tunnel Road that slipped down four years ago should finally be replanted this autumn (2018).

The landslip occurred in early 2014 after heavy rain.  Reigate & Banstead Borough Council had to drain water off the bank and then monitor it, before using a digger to rebuild the slope in summer 2015.

New plants were due to be put in during the following planting season, spring 2016.  That didn’t happen, but in July 2016 the council said replanting would take place that September, and that new ivy plants had arrived.

When we asked the council for an update earlier this week, Mark Jolley, Greenspaces Manager, said:

“We can confirm that the work has been delayed until autumn this year.

Due to nature of the project, we need to commission the work to a specialist external contractor with the relevant licenses needed to complete the job.”

Our previous articles about the work are here, and there are some photos below.

Thanks to reader @RunRowRideEva for prompting us to follow-up on this story.


Council workers were on-site in March 2017 (Photo: reigate.uk)


July 2016, awaiting plants (Photo: reigate.uk)


July 2015 – soon after restoration of the bank (Photo: reigate.uk)


June 2015 – during rebuilding of the bank (Photo: reigate.uk)


February 2015 – prior to rebuilding (Photo: reigate.uk)



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