Sat 14 Sep: Reigate Caves open day

(Photo via WCMS)


Wealden Cave & Mine Society (WCMS) will once again be running open days at Reigate Caves during 2019.

The caves will be open to the public between 10AM and 4PM on:

  • Sat 11 May
  • Sat 8 June
  • Sat 13 July
  • Sat 10 August
  • Sat 14 September

Booking is not necessary, with regular tours taking place.   WCMS says to visit both sites at a lesiurely pace will take about 3 hours.  Prices, and details such as accessibility, are on the Reigate Caves website.

The caves comprise two sites.

  •  The Tunnel Road Caves: these were opened up after Tunnel Road was built in 1823, as sand mines and for storing wines and beers.  The caves were put to use in the two World Wars: in the First to store high explosive, and in the Second as an air raid shelter.
  • The Barons’ Cave: located in the Castle Grounds, and named after an unlikely story that barons met there before the signing of Magna Carta.  The date of the cave is unknown, although it was most likely used as a medieval wine cellar.

Exhibits allow visitors to see how the caves have been used over the years, as well as learn a good deal about local history.

WCMS is a registered charity, and, in addition to maintaining and displaying Reigate Caves, is an active caving group.


Reigate Caves website


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