Borough elections: Reigate Central

Michael Blacker (election leaflet photo)


Conservative councillor Michael Blacker was re-elected for Reigate Central in the borough elections on 3 May.

Cllr Blacker described his result as a “fantastic team effort”, having more than tripled his majority since his last election in 2014.

Talking about his plans for his new term, he said the priority for the ward, and the borough, was “to sort parking out”.

He referred to the borough’s forthcoming development management plan, which he said would allow better car parking for new developments:

“That is priority one, to get that in, and in use, so that we can get better parking facilities for each new dwelling that is constructed.  That is the absolute priority.

The second priority is we’ve got to get better parking facilities in Reigate, otherwise all the shops are going to shut because people will get so sick to death of driving around, and can’t find anywhere to park.”

Cllr Blacker said he wanted to see the size of Bancroft Road car park increased – by width and height – and that he had been putting this forward as an idea.

He said he had also been talking to Morrisons about ways to increase the size of their car park.

Asked about the review expected this year into on-street parking charges, Cllr Blacker expressed concerns, pointing out that in Reigate some bays had originally been paid for by businesses.

Affordable housing was also on his list, and he welcomed a local initiative from his party to do more through schemes such as shared ownership.

Cllr Blacker, a structural engineer, represents Reigate Central with fellow Conservative Rosemary Absalom and independent Christopher Whinney.

All three seats will, unusually, be up for election next year because of the boundary review process, before the normal “by thirds” rotation resumes, where one seat is up for election in three out of four years.


Results for Reigate Central

Reigate Central - 3 May 2018
Name Party Votes Share PARTY +/- since 2016
Michael Blacker CON 1005 48.1 + 21.5
John Vincent LDEM 546 26.1 + 13.7
Elizabeth Wakefield GREEN 286 13.7 + 7.0
Michele David LAB 253 12.1 + 3.3
(No independent candidate this year) (- 38.4)
(No UKIP candidate this year) (- 7.1)
Turnout: 38.85%

Note: the percentage point change shown is against the last election in the ward in 2016, rather than the same seat four years ago, and is the party figure – candidates may have changed.



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