Clock fix on way “shortly”

3 May, looking north-west (


One clock, four faces – but three different times.

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council has called an engineer to the clock at the junction of Castlefield Road and London Road, in Reigate, but it’s not clear who has responsibility for maintaining the timepiece.

The clock has been giving inconsistent times since at least mid-March (the correct time is shown on the two faces that agree).

Last week a spokesperson for the council said:

“The clock was erected by Reigate Rotary Club to commemorate the 200th year of the Rotary and 100th year of the Reigate club.

The council has arranged for some repairs to fix the clock which will take place shortly, pending a discussion with the Rotary Club about future liability for its maintenance.”

Judging by the date stated on the clock, 2004, it’s around 15 years old.

Reigate Rotary Club has been contacted to see if they have any comment on what the council has said.

Like other local Rotary clubs, Reigate Rotary is run by volunteers, and helps charities and good causes.


3 May, looking south-east towards Town Hall (