Former employees set up Knights Haberdashery

knights haberdashery shop view 2

Customers who have been missing the haberdashery department at Knights will welcome a new addition to the town centre.

Two former employees at the now-closed Bell Street store, Jane Waby and Nina Redman, have opened Knights Haberdashery.

The new business is located at women’s fashion shop La Femme, in Reigate High Street.

Ms Waby told

“After the closure of Knights of Reigate [we] decided that it would be an ideal opportunity for us to start our own business and to continue to provide haberdashery, fabrics and wool to the local area.

We felt we couldn’t let the opportunity go to continue to do something that we are both passionate about.”

The pair have had the encouragement of Michael Knight, former owner of Knights before it was acquired by the Tudor Williams group in 2006:

“Mr Knight has always maintained an interest in the Knights building and the staff, and when he heard about our idea he was very supportive and happy for us to use the Knights name, and so Knights Haberdashery was born.  Mr Knight will be officially opening the shop on Saturday 4th June at 11am with champagne and cupcakes.

We are delighted to be working with La Femme, who stock a beautiful range of clothing and accessories for women of all ages, and to continue to sell haberdashery on Reigate High Street.”

The Knights of Reigate department store closed its doors at the end of January this year, having had a presence in the town for over 130 years.

knights haberdashery side view inside shop


Knights Haberdashery – Facebook page, Twitter account @KnightsHaby