Council guide to local walks

Council directory of play areas, parks and countryside – a borough-wide list – we’ve picked out some below.

Priory Park – Reigate’s main park: features include a very large open area, playground, tennis courts, skate park and a cafe.  There’s also a circular walk guide which the Council reckons takes about an hour.

Reigate Castle Grounds – and here’s a google map. There are steps up besides Boots in the High Street, but for disabled or buggy access you will need another entrance. The wikipedia page gives some history.

Reigate Hill and Gatton Park – National Trust but entrance is free for all. The Reigate Hill site includes the Inglis Memorial and Reigate Fort. Car or bus may be easiest – on foot it would be a steep climb (on a narrow pavement) up busy Reigate Hill.  Wray Lane car park is free and has the toilets (9AM – 5PM) and refreshments.  (Margery Wood car park has none of this and is only free to NT members.)

Gatton Park (& Gardens) – this is the bit of the park owned by the Gatton Trust, not the National Trust (see above).  It’s also in a different place.  Only open on set days (the Royal Alexandra & Albert School is on the site), but also open at other times for events and activities.


Donyngs Leisure Centre – between Reigate and Redhill.  Gym, swimming pool, loads of timetabled activities.

There are various halls and community centres in Reigate, but activities are the responsibility of individual providers.  We hope to add many to the Directory.


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