Mondays 16 Sep – 18 Nov: group for 50+


Hi-days, a group for men and women aged 50 plus, meets at the Harlequin Theatre on Monday mornings from Sept 16th to 18th Nov, starting at 10.15am and finishing at 1pm.
Organisers say:
“You can do keep-fit, crafts, embroidery, creative writing, calligraphy, listen to various speakers or attend a five-week session on history or music.
Fees are £50 for the term.
Make new friends by socialising during our half hour break at 11:00.  Enrol on Monday the 16 Sept or on any Monday in term time.
For further info contact: 01293 822591or 01737 764217. E-mail
The group is self-funded by the members.