Morrisons – evening parking confusion


Morrisons has said refunds will be made to people wrongly issued with evening “parking tickets” in its Reigate car park from 2 March 2015.

On Friday 20 March 2015 Morrisons Head Office told

  • “Parking is free in the Morrisons Reigate car park every day from 7pm in the evening to 8am the next morning
  • There was an error in our parking system which meant that people using our car park between these times from 2 March may have received a parking ticket in error
  • Those people who have received a parking ticket in error from 2 March to current date will be refunded
  • Should any have any concerns then please contact our store on 01737 226218, or visit the store’s customer service desk”

Current signage in the car park has different information, saying “2 hour max stay during store opening hours” and “free parking outside of store opening hours for all motorists”.  The store is open 7AM – 10PM Monday to Saturday, and 10AM – 4PM Sundays.

The local store told that the current signage was installed at the time of the error, and confirmed that free parking applies Monday – Saturday 7PM – 8AM and outside store opening hours on Sunday. is checking for an update on the signage position.

Update: for a more recent article click here.

Image taken 20 March 2015
Image taken 20 March 2015



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