Plan to reopen two closed Reigate pubs with new operators


The Blue Anchor and the Red Cross Inn, in Reigate, will reopen “as soon as possible” with new operators, the owner of the two freeholds has said.

The Blue Anchor in West Street, and the Red Cross Inn in the High Street, closed on Friday, and have remained shut since.

A spokesperson for Ei Publican Partnerships said on Monday morning:

“We can confirm that the Red Cross and Blue Anchor, Reigate are both currently shut.

We would like to reassure the local community that we plan to reopen these pubs as soon as possible with new operators and look forward to welcoming guests for a drink.”

The pubs, operated by Akita Investments Limited, do not appear to have made any announcement about the closure on their social media or websites.

As of Sunday evening there was a notice at the Red Cross Inn, put up on Friday, which said “We are closed today. Sorry for the inconvenience”. contacted both pubs for comment over the weekend.

There had been speculation over the weekend on social media that the two pubs’ freeholds may have been part of a sale of properties by the Ei group to an American asset manager, announced last week, but the Ei spokesperson said today that they remain in Ei Publican Partnership’s estate.