Redhill technology meet-up provides fun and education

The inaugural meeting in March (photo via Red Sprite)


A free monthly technology meet-up in Redhill is bringing together local IT students, hobbyists and professionals.

The Red Sprite group launched in March this year, to entertain and educate on technology topics across STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

At the inaugural meeting in March, attendees held time-limited discussions, with topics selected by vote.  Having got to know each other, the group then broke into pairs to solve two mathematical challenges through coding, with pair programming and algorithmic thinking.

The April meeting was dedicated to creating two competing battleship bots. With only basic rules prescribed, the group divided into two teams. Participants had to divide tasks and work together to devise how the bots would interact.

The group was having so much fun that they decided to extend the meeting by 90 minutes to further progress the bots.

Details of the next meeting in Redhill, on Thursday evening, 23 May are on the Red Sprite webpage.

So far attendees at the events have ranged from those with decades of industry experience to those who only got involved in technology a few months ago.

Red Sprite is organised by Neil Tubman (co-founder of Terzo Digital, a local technology firm specialising in IoT) and Simon Pither (creator of Property and Tenant Manager, software that helps letting agents and landlords).

The venue is provided by CoTribe (entrepreneur co-working and office space in the Gatwick and Redhill area), with pizza sponsored by the Reigate and Banstead Business Team and Kevin Golding (a software developer).