Cars hit manhole cover ‘lifted by water’ on Reigate Hill

David Grantham, 28 September 2020

Photo of a blue car by the side of the road after the incident. Other photos appear to show its airbags deployed.

There’s still not much official information on how a manhole cover came loose on Reigate Hill causing it to be struck by two cars on Thursday morning (24 September).

A Surrey police spokesperson said that they were called to a road traffic collision at 6.14am at the corner of Oakfield Drive and Reigate Hill.

The spokesperson said: “Two vehicles had driven into a manhole cover which had been lifted by water. There were no injuries.”

The incident will now be dealt with by the local highways authority, in this case Surrey Highways. contacted the county council’s press office on Friday morning and is waiting to hear back.

On Friday a spokesperson for sewer company Thames Water said they had received no report of an incident.

The spokesperson did say that the company had received a report of a loose-fitting manhole cover in Brokes Road at the start of the week, which is due to be replaced, but that this appeared to be a different location.

The incident took place in the section of the hill which is still open in both directions: Surrey’s roadworks to repair a retaining wall, which have closed the southbound lane, are some distance up the hill.