Robotic surgery first for East Surrey Hospital

via SASH The robotic surgery team

A robotic surgical procedure has been performed for the first time at East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, successfully removing a patient’s kidney.

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH), which runs the hospital, believes the technology will benefit patients through reduced recovery times and less pain.

The Versius system allows the surgeon to use a console to control robotic equipment which holds and moves the surgical instruments.

The equipment mimics the movement of the surgeon’s arm, with fully-articulated wrists and 3D vision giving surgeons greater accuracy and dexterity.

The first operation successfully removed a patient’s kidney in a procedure called a nephrectomy.

The patient, Christopher Lovett, aged 66 from Sussex, praised the procedure and care: “It’s absolutely phenomenal that my surgery used a robot. 

“I feel very lucky to have had the treatment and if it wasn’t for SASH, I wouldn’t be here.  The doctors, anaesthetist and nurses who looked after me have been fantastic.

“I live with my three wonderful grandchildren who are also helping to take care of their grandad. I love fishing and am looking forward to being more mobile and going fishing again soon.

“The post-operative and aftercare support has been great and I want to say thank you to the NHS.”

Professor Abhay Rane OBE, consultant urological surgeon at SASH said:  “This represents a very positive milestone for the Trust and our patients.

“Versius’ clear 3D visualisation gives surgeons greater precision and control, thereby allowing for safer surgery with improved outcomes in the long run.

“It will be used in due course by all of our surgical specialties here at our Trust thereby benefiting a significant number of patients.”

The trust said that it will begin training staff so that the equipment can be used in various procedures in different specialties, including complex cancer cases.

The Versius system is made by CMR Surgical, headquartered in Cambridge.

via SASH Professor Abhay Rane with the Versius system