Average speed cameras halve collisions on A217


Average speed cameras introduced in 2018 on the A217 to the north of Reigate have been hailed a success by Surrey County Council, with a dramatic reduction in collisions and resulting injuries.

The cameras were installed in March 2018 between the M25 junction and the Banstead crossroads, replacing earlier ‘Gatso’ and mobile speed cameras used to enforce the 40mph limit.

According to the county council, there has been a 55% reduction in the number of collisions since the new cameras were put in.

The number of serious injuries following collisions has also fallen, with a 78% reduction.

The data was collected before lockdown began, for an 18-month period after roadworks were completed in July 2018.

The council gave the figures this week as it announced a similar scheme on the A320 in Chertsey.

Cllr Matt Furniss, Surrey’s cabinet member for highways, said, “I’m delighted that the average speed cameras have been so effective on the A217.

“Speeding is dangerous and anti-social behaviour, and something that Surrey residents are keen we address.

“Particularly as we move out of lockdown, we’re encouraging residents to stick to the speed limit, not only to reduce the burden on our emergency services, but also to protect the increasing number of people walking and cycling.”

The council also said: “Average speed cameras tend to be more effective than spot cameras because they encourage greater compliance with the speed limit over a longer stretch of road.

“Anecdotally, they are preferred by motorists as they are considered fairer due to the lower likelihood of being issued with a penalty as a result of a momentary lapse.”


Editor’s note: this article has been updated with details of the measurement period.