Coffee plus bread equals… a new beer

(Credit: Michael Little)


Reigate-based Crumbs Brewing is to add a new beer to its range, once again using leftover loaves but this time with a new ingredient – coffee grounds.

Rye Coffee Porter will be launched on 1 November at the Four Hops beer shop in West Street.

Crumbs Brewing started operations last year, with the launch of Bloomin’ Amber, made with unused bloomer loaves from local business Chalk Hills Bakery.

Within six months, and aided by crowd-funding, Crumbs added a Sourdough Pale Ale and Rye Ruby Ale, also using leftover bread from Chalk Hills.

Rye Coffee Porter will expand the repurposing concept, by using grounds from the bakery’s coffee machine, as well as rye bread.

Morgan Arnell, co-founder of Crumbs Brewing, described how the idea developed:

“It was always an ambition of ours to stretch the Crumbs concept beyond bread.

The next biggest source of leftovers at the bakery shop came from their hard-working coffee machine.  It creates kilos of leftover grounds every day that Chalk Hills struggle to know what to do with.

We approached their suppliers, the awesome team at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, and they were really keen to get involved.”

Kerttu Inkeroinen, marketing director at the coffee company, said:

“At Union we’ve always loved the idea of making a coffee beer, and when Crumbs Brewing got in touch we were immediately onboard.

We especially love the fact that Crumbs Brewing is creating something delicious by combatting waste – we are always looking for ways to make coffee as sustainable as possible.”

The new brew took several months of development, as Morgan Arnell explained:

“The challenge was that used coffee grounds alone can impart a lot of bitterness to a beer.

Union suggested the recipe should complement the used grounds with some of their newly launched Double Strength Cold Brew Coffee.

We loved the idea as it opened up the opportunity to use this beautifully smooth and cold filtered coffee at the fermentation stage rather than simply in the mash.”

The beer will be the strongest (7% abv) and darkest in the Crumbs range, with the aim being for drinkers to find it smooth and rich: as well as the complex flavours of rye bread, the coffee will give the beer a rich toffee chocolate depth.

Crumbs will unveil the beer on Thursday 1 November at the Four Hops Beer Shop on West Street in Reigate, and say that anyone is welcome to go along for a taste from 7pm onwards.

The beer is available for pre-order via Crumbs’ website.