Cost of resident parking permits set to rise

(Photo credit: Get Surrey)
By Rebecca Curley, Local Democracy Reporter, 20 Sep 2019 and updated 25 Sep 2019

Resident parking permits are set to rise by 60%, county councillors were told.

The cost of the first permit for households in Surrey could increase from £50 to £80.

Second permits will increase from £75 to £100 with a third one costing £130 in a bid to deter multiple applications per household.

Surrey County Council officers hope the higher charges will “discourage excessive on street parking”, councillors were told this week.

But it provoked opposition from some who said there needed to be more work on enforcing penalties for anti-social parking such as cars parking on pavements.

The charges have not been changed since they were imposed in 2011 but the new charges form part of a review of the council’s parking strategy.

The new charges include enforcement costs, installation and administration costs.

Visitor permits could also change from £2 a day to £1 for two hours and all-day permits for £3.

The number of visitor permits allocated will rise from 120 to 150.

The changes to resident and visitor permits could generate an extra £285,000 but officers said this would not be profit but would cover costs of the scheme.

The changes will go out for public consultation and need to be considered by cabinet early next year before being implemented.

The report into the parking strategy was presented at the communities, environment and transport meeting on Thursday.

Cllr Paul Deach said there was a disconnect between policies around parking with the amount of money being spent to repair pavements damaged by anti-social parking and the lack of powers civil enforcement officers have to penalise drivers.

He said: “Parking issues, without any shadow of doubt, is the number one issue I get.

“I’m not in favour of treating residents as cash cows, however, it’s my belief the fear of enforcement has completely disappeared from our communities.”

Cllr Ken Gulati agreed there was no fear around parking enforcement and said parking permits had a negative impact on other residential roads.

He said: “I completely understand the logic for imposing on street parking charges. But it has the effect of displacing parkers onto the residential roads round about.

“On-street parking charging will drive a lot more vehicles onto those residential roads for parking and we need to think about how we are going to deal with that.”

Cllr Fiona White said: “I’m totally opposed to the increase because for a lot of families the £30 increase is going to be difficult for them.”

The majority of fees and charges for resident and visitor permits are collected by the district and borough councils. Income is then split 60% to the Local or Joint Committees, 20% to the borough or district and 20% to Surrey County Council.

There are no changes planned for carer and medical permits or for business permits.

Here is the full list of proposed changes:

  • Increase the charge for the first resident permit issued to a household from £50 to £80 Increase the charge for additional resident permits issued to a household from £75 to: 2nd permit £100, 3rd and subsequent £130
  • Increase the maximum allocation for all day visitor permits from 120 to 150
  • Increase the charge for visitor permits in larger town centres from £2 to £3
  • Introduce a 3 hour visitor permit in all schemes, costing £1, with a maximum allocation per household of 300
  • Introduce greater discretion to for district and borough enforcement teams to issue more/fewer visitor permits as particular circumstances allow
  • Introduce a child care permit at the same rates as a resident permit, dependent on how many had been issued to the property
  • Make the following changes to charges for suspensions and waivers:
    • Increase the initial charge for a suspension (valid for up to 3 days) from £65 to £75
    • Increase the charge for additional days that the suspension is in force from £10 to £12
    • Increase the initial charge for a waiver (valid for up to 3 days) from £15 to £25
    • Increase the charge for additional days that the suspension is in force from £5 to £6
  • Develop and trial a persistent evader policy that will enable immobilisation or removal of persistent evader vehicles (those whose owners evade payment of parking fines
  • Improve online application process for disabled bays
  • Introduce a charge of £50 to assess an application for a new access protection marking (H bar) or the extension of an existing one and a charge of £120 to provide a new one (if application is successful), or to refresh or extend an existing one
  • Consider use of red routes in appropriate locations to improve flow of traffic
  • Trial the use of CCTV cameras where they are permitted to be used on the highway (i.e. outside schools and on bus stop clearways/bus lanes) to improve enforcement