Council proposes more music events in Priory Park



Reigate & Banstead Borough Council has filed a licensing application to allow up to ten music, dance, film or drama events in Priory Park each year.

Performances – and alcohol sales – would be allowed between 10am and 10.30pm, with attendees having access to the park until 11.30pm.

Up to 4,999 people would be allowed outdoors or in marquees, the application says.

Organisers of licensable events would be able to rely on the council’s licence, rather than having to apply for their own as they currently do.

Reigate & Banstead’s licensing committee will consider the application on 17 April.  A number of residents have objected to the plans.

Last week, Mark Jolley, greenspaces manager at the council, said:

“The licence application for Priory Park is linked to resident feedback which showed an interest in music events in the park.

We have already had great success with events such as outdoor children’s theatre and open-air cinema.

We want to strike a balance between providing events for residents in the park, ensuring it is accessible for all for everyday use and making sure residents who live nearby are not inconvenienced.”

He added:

“The application is for up to 10 events with live or recorded music each licence year.

It will enable us to hold our own events and permit event organisers using the park to operate within our licence conditions.”

Each event would still need to be approved by agencies such as the fire service, police and environmental protection, as well as the council’s Safety Advisory Group which may require notice to be given to local residents.

Reigate & Banstead does charge for the use of its parks: the published rate for large events is “from £750 a day” but the council has previously said this is only guidance.


Application plan: dotted line shows park’s open space, dashed shows licensable area



Licensing application 18/00197/LAPREM