Design work continues on Junction 8 improvements

David Grantham, 17 August 2017


Highways England says design work is continuing on improvements to Junction 8 of the M25.

Site surveys will take place during the rest of the year to assess options.

In December, a representative from the agency told a Surrey County Council committee that a study had been carried out to see what could be done to improve traffic flow and safety, and that a design phase was starting.

Solutions could include widening the southbound carriageway on Reigate Hill (the A217) to two lanes until after the bend.  That would allow the hill to hold more queuing traffic in rush-hour, rather than it backing up on to the roundabout.

To make space for the extra lane, the northbound route up the hill would have to remain a single lane for longer before it becomes two.

Other changes could also be made to the roundabout itself, including widening lanes to allow large vehicles to pass more easily, and changing the way the lanes are allocated on the Banstead side of the junction.

This month a Highways England spokesperson said that design is continuing, adding:

“The design is progressing as expected and a number of site surveys will happen throughout the rest of the year to assess the viability of particular options.”

Back in December, the Surrey County Council meeting heard that work might take place as soon as the 2018/19 financial year, but that no firm date could be given as design was only just starting.



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