European elections: borough results

Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay


Reigate & Banstead residents took part in the European parliamentary elections on Thursday 23 May, with the borough’s votes counted at Donyngs Leisure Centre on Sunday.

In Reigate & Banstead the Brexit Party took first place (35.6% of the vote), with the Liberal Democrats second (26.2%), followed by the Greens (13.7%) Conservative (11.6%), Labour (5.2%), Change UK (4.7%), UKIP (2.2%) and UK EU (0.3%).

On the leave/remain split, the Brexit Party and UKIP add up to 37.8% while the pro-remain Lib Dems, Greens, Change UK and UK EU add up to 44.9%.

But whether that’s a reasonable way to assess leave/remain support is a point for debate, and also leaves open how one should factor the Conservative / Labour votes (see Guardian article here).

Reigate & Banstead is part of the South East England region, which following the elections will now have four Brexit Party MEPs, three Lib Dems, one Green, one Conservative and one Labour.  A BBC report has more details for the region.

European Parliament: Reigate & Banstead results 2019
PartyVotesShare %
The Brexit Party1465335.6
Liberal Democrats1078926.2
Change UK19224.7
UK EU Party1330.3
Independent: Jason McMahon510.1
Socialist Party480.1
Independent: David Round480.1
Independent: Michael Turberville330.1

A full list of candidates for each party under the proportional representation system is included on Reigate & Banstead Borough Council’s results page. hasn’t been able to find a turn-out figure for the borough but the BBC says that across the South East England region it was 39.36%.