Police warning over fake Amazon Prime calls

Public Domain Pictures via Pixabay

Surrey Police are warning about scam callers claiming to be from Amazon Prime, after a recent spike in reports.

The force said on Friday (17 July) that since 1 July it had received 20 reports of this type of fraud.

No money has been lost but victims have been left shaken and worried.

Surrey Police said: “This crime typically involves a phone call from someone claiming to [be] from Amazon Prime and stating that an amount (usually for £79.99) will be taken from their account to renew a subscription.

“Many victims are advised to press a number on their phone as an option to not pay for the subscription.

“The scammer will then talk them through installing an app on their phone or tablet, and confirming their personal and banking details in order to stop the payment.

“Of course this is all an attempt to get the victim to transfer money to the caller’s bank account.”

PC Bernadette Lawrie, financial abuse safeguarding officer, said perpetrators “prey on the most vulnerable in our communities and often target a generation who aren’t as familiar with technology.

“We know people in other parts of the country have lost devastating sums of money to calls like these so urge residents to be wary of any calls about subscription payments.

“Remember – don’t give or confirm your personal or banking details with an unexpected caller.

“If you’re unsure if the call is legitimate, hang up and verify the number with a trusted source, such as the company’s official website, or call a good friend or family member for advice.”

Surrey Police’s top tips to help stop this type of fraud are:

  • “Act with care if you get an unsolicited phone call
  • “Never transfer funds into another account on the instruction of an unexpected caller – even if they tell you the account is in your name
  • “Always check your phone line has properly disconnected before making another call – try calling a good friend first, wait five minutes or use a different landline or mobile
  • “Never share your PIN number or enter your PIN into a telephone”

More information on preventing this type of fraud is on the Surrey Police website.