Reigate Hill work remains on schedule

David Grantham, 16 October 2020

Just above the Wray Lane / Gatton Bottom junction (September photo)

Work that has closed a southbound section of Reigate Hill remains on schedule to complete on Friday 11 December, Surrey County Council said earlier this week.

A roadworks map tool,, is currently indicating 17 December, but a Surrey spokesperson said that could be the result of a permit extension to prevent any other work being done on the road immediately after Surrey finishes.

The 14-week closure is to allow repair of a retaining wall and a barrier.

As well as the hill closure, the turn-off southbound from the hill into Gatton Bottom is also shut. That was done over fears of dangerous tailbacks as drivers worked out whether their vehicle was within the road’s 7.5 tonne limit. Marshals and timed openings were also ruled out.

The northbound route out of Gatton Bottom, up Reigate Hill, is open.

Dog walkers and those in search of a scenic coffee can still access the Wray Lane car park and café – the vehicle route is up Wray Lane or Gatton Bottom, and back down by Gatton Bottom.

On the hill (the A217) at the Gatton Bottom / Wray Lane junction (September photo)

A Surrey County Council webpage gives details of the project, why it had to be done at this time, and why other options such as temporary traffic lights and night-only working were ruled out.

A separate project by Highways England, to upgrade the M25 junction and layout at the top of Reigate Hill, is still listed as starting in April 2021, but, as has previously reported, that date may not be set in stone.

Closed section of Reigate Hill shown in red (from Surrey CC leaflet)