Reigate Hill night work pushed back to end of October


Roadworks that were due close a small section of Reigate Hill for three nights starting from today (9 October) have been pushed back until 30 October.

Surrey County Council has had to delay the work because Highways England are currently using the route as a diversion for another project  in the area.

The signs were changed yesterday afternoon (8 October).

The resident information leaflet for the newly-timed works is already available online and says: “We will be carrying out anti-skid surfacing to the newly laid road surface on Reigate Hill, Reigate.

“Reigate Hill will be closed between Wellingtonia Place and Birkheads Road whilst we carry out our works.”

A map is included within the leaflet (below).

The leaflet says: “Working overnight is necessary on traffic sensitive roads to reduce disruption during peak times.

“It also enables longer uninterrupted working before the closure has to be lifted for daytime traffic, and results in a shorter period of disruption.”

The leaflet adds: “There will be some noise but we will try to carry out the bulk of the noisiest works before midnight.”

Information on the work should also be available on

The work appears to be in much the same place as a two-night project that was scheduled for 23 September.  Those works werre also described as “anti-skid”, and the leaflet is nearly identical, but no information is given on how the two sets of works relate.

Surrey County Council also closed the road for a fortnight in July.


Closed section marked in red