Reigate man jailed for assaults on police and others

Photo of James Davies released by Surrey Police


A man who was earlier given a suspended prison sentence for assaulting police officers has been jailed following further offences.

James Davies, 29, formerly of Chart Lane, Reigate, originally received a suspended 26 week prison sentence for assaulting officers when they tried to arrest him in September.

But on Saturday 13 October magistrates sentenced him for two more assaults, and another assault on an officer – and also activated the earlier suspended sentence.  In total he was given a jail term of 52 weeks.

In the first incident on 27 September, police went to Davies’ home to arrest him over an allegation that he had ripped off a car door handle in Reigate after a dispute.

Surrey Police say they found him armed with a belt wrapped around his hand:

“A Taser was drawn and after numerous requests, he dropped the belt.

After a short negotiation an officer tried to handcuff him.

Davies headbutted the arresting officer in the face before launching into a violent assault, pushing the dazed officer back onto the bed and punching him repeatedly.

The Taser was discharged and Davies was brought under control and arrested.  A large kitchen knife was found tucked under the mattress within arm’s reach.

During his transport to custody, and whilst he was in custody, he assaulted further officers by kicking out, punching them and spitting at them.”

For that incident Davies received a suspended sentence of 26 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 24 months, plus £470 costs.

But on Thursday 11 October, officers were back at his address following reports of an assault on a woman.  Surrey Police say:

“When they arrived, a woman at the location was being treated by an ambulance crew for facial injuries.

Davies came out of his flat armed with a knife behind his back which he pulled on an officer as she approached him.

[The] Taser was again drawn and Davies immediately went to his knees, placed his hands upon his head and was swiftly arrested.”

When Davies appeared before magistrates on Saturday 13 October, he was jailed for 52 weeks, made up of:

  • 26 weeks’ imprisonment from the previous suspended sentence which was activated in full;
  • a further 16 weeks’ imprisonment for the assault on the woman at the address;
  • 5 weeks’ imprisonment for another assault on another resident of the flats;
  • 5 weeks’ imprisonment for assaulting a police officer in the second incident, where he pulled the knife.

In addition to the custodial sentence, a 24 month restraining order was handed to Davies, preventing him from contacting either of the victims directly or indirectly or attending Chart Lane.  A £150 victim surcharge was also imposed.

Reigate and Banstead Borough Commander Angie Austin said last week:

“The sentence handed to Davies at the weekend reflects how seriously assaults on our staff whilst they are on duty are taken. We will not tolerate violence against our officers or staff and will always take action against those who think this is acceptable.

Our officers face potentially dangerous situations and willingly put themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of the public every day, and they should always feel valued and protected while they are doing so.”




Cover image of law courts: photo by Kelvin Jay via istock