Repairs progress at Reigate Priory Museum

Scaffolding in early June (


Repairs continue at Reigate Priory Museum, but with volunteers continuing to donate time and money for the activities that the museum is still able to run.

Snowfall in 2011 damaged the roof of Reigate Priory, which houses both the museum and Reigate Priory Junior School.

As a result of the damage, the museum and its local history collections had to close to the public.

Repairs over the subsequent eight years have proved complex, with Surrey County Council uncovering a number of unforeseen issues in its work.

Hopes in 2017 that the work might finish that year did not materialise, and the museum remains closed.

Earlier this month the museum’s committee provided an update on the work:

“Major structural repair to Reigate Priory has continued for several years, with first priority being given to the areas occupied by Reigate Priory Junior School.

Much of that work is nearing completion and the removal of scaffolding imminent from areas such as the inner courtyard.

The structural repair to the area of the building traditionally occupied by the museum will continue into the autumn.

Regrettably timetabling of the final completion date proves difficult, in the face of unforeseen difficulties which frequently occur as work progresses, and the ensuing need to secure advice from structural engineers and Surrey County Council, Historic England, Secretary of State etc.

Many members of the Reigate community have shown their interest and enthusiasm for the reopening of the Museum, which is encouraging.

Meantime the Reigate Priory Museum Society members have continued to support this project loyally, throughout the past 8 difficult years.

Volunteer members are actively involved in running the museum, raising money to finance exhibitions for the benefit of local schools and the community at large.

Evening lectures on topics of interest continue to take place and a fund-raising concert each December.

Once completion date and reinstatement of the museum is agreed, plans can be made to plan the reopening, and recruit new volunteers for a whole range of tasks.”

More information about the museum can be found on its website.


Edited 27 June 2019