Start of Junction 8 work postponed

David Grantham, 9 December 2019



Work to improve the M25 junction at the top of Reigate Hill has been postponed, having been due to start in January.

A Highways England spokesperson said today: “In agreement with our partners at Surrey County Council, we’ve decided to delay the start of improvement work at junction 8 of the M25 at Reigate to minimise disruption and better coordinate with our nearby work to upgrade the M23 to a smart motorway.

“We will announce further details about the start of work on the junction soon.”

The aim of the project is to reduce congestion at the junction, which was built in 1986.

The plans include upgraded signals and layout changes on the roundabout, as well as the creation of two lanes down Reigate Hill as far as Wray Lane with a slip road heading off towards Merstham.

Work to put the scheme in place would have run until December 2020, with lane closures and periodic shutting of the junction overnight.

Local politicians have raised questions with Highways England about the timing and manner of the work, and the impact of the completed scheme on traffic flows on local roads.

When the January date was published earlier this year, the Highways England project page said (and still says): “The highway works fall under both Highways England and Surrey County Council authorities, so we are now engaged in detailed planning activity with Surrey County Council to ensure the scheme minimises disruption to all road users.

“Highways England are also negotiating the contract value for the works with their nominated contractor.

“Until these matters are agreed there is potential for the start date to be delayed.”

Key features of the project are listed as:

  • “upgrading the traffic signal installation throughout the junction”
  • “adding an extra lane on the A217 northbound approach”
  • “widening into the existing verge and extending the anti-clockwise exit slip road”
  • “adding an extra lane on the north circulatory section of the roundabout”
  • “widening lanes on the east and west bridge section of the roundabout”
  • “improving road signs and markings”
  • “widening and realignment on the A217 southbound to two lanes that merge prior to Wray Lane”’s articles about the project over the last few years can be found here.