Timing details still unclear on Junction 8 scheme

(Photo: reigate.uk)

There’s still not much detail on timing for the project to improve the M25 Junction 8 at the top of Reigate Hill.

The Highways England project page still says:

“Work will start in the Spring 2019, with a completion date of Spring 2020.  Works will include:

    • upgrading the traffic signal installation throughout the junction
    • adding an extra lane on the A217 northbound approach
    • widening into the existing verge and extending the anti-clockwise exit slip road
    • adding an extra lane on the north circulatory section of the roundabout
    • widening lanes on the east and west bridge section of the roundabout
    • improving road signs and markings
    • widening and realignment on the A217 southbound to two lanes that merge prior to Wray Lane”

(The last item – the two lanes coming down Reigate Hill (A217) until just before the Wray Lane junction – will include a third slip road going off towards Merstham.  An earlier idea to run the two lanes further down the hill, at the expense of one of the northbound lanes, has been dropped.)

The scheme is a Highways England project, funded by them, but Surrey County Council is also involved because it also involves roads that it is responsible for.

Highways England hasn’t yet responded to a reigate.uk e-mail asking if there’s an update, and three Surrey county councillors that reigate.uk spoke to this week didn’t have any information on timings.

The scheme got a brief mention in a report at Surrey’s Local Committee for Reigate & Banstead on Monday 3 June, but the matter wasn’t further discussed at the meeting.

Members of the committee have also had informal briefings from Highways England on the scheme over recent years, but committee chair County Cllr Jeff Harris said in March that they still had a number of  unanswered questions about the scheme including timing and where the site depot would be.

Some enabling work did take place in March, such as surveying.

The roadworks.org website indicates some upcoming lane closures, 1 – 31 July, apparently on the motorway itself but says “delays unlikely”: it’s not clear if these relate to this improvement scheme.

The Highways England webpage still lists costs as “TBC”.

All our previous coverage of the project is here.


Edited 7 June to mention March enabling work