Tunnel Road serves as location for Bollywood film

Lighting in Tunnel Road this morning, before filming (photo: reigate.uk)


Tunnel Road was a filming location for a Bollywood film – working title “Amavas” –  earlier today (Sunday 4 March).

Location manager Stephen Javor, of film company Simply West, said the scene would involve a couple entering an eerie tunnel by car – part of the film’s spooky plot.

Pedestrians walking through the tunnel in the late morning were able to watch the arrival of the car – an Aston Martin – and the scene being set up with the help of a smoke machine.

Line producer Sunny Surani said they expected filming to run into the early evening, and that marshals were at both ends of the road to assist pedestrians.

Permission had been obtained from Surrey County Council.

More information about the film itself can be found in an article on a Bollywood news website.

The Aston Martin arriving (photo: reigate.uk)
The car being readied (photo: reigate.uk)
A smoke machine created a dramatic effect inside the tunnel (photo: reigate.uk)
Tunnel Road, Reigate (photo: reigate.uk)