‘Usain Volt’ and ‘Emma Wattson’ help water firm go green

The vans, with Chris Maud, electrical technician, who will drive Usain Volt


SES Water has unveiled “Usain Volt” and “Emma Wattson”, two electric-powered vans that will help the firm cut its emissions.

The water company is initially switching 10 of its 120 diesel vans to electric versions, removing 43 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Sixteen new charging points have been installed at the firm’s bases in Redhill and Cheam.

Last year SES Water switched to 100% renewable electricity in its operations, including pumping and water treatment.  Solar panels were also installed at its Redhill head office.

Henrietta Stock, energy and carbon manager at SES Water, said:

“Our customers quite rightly value the environment and expect us to play a part in making it better.

 Pumping, treating and distributing billions of litres of water is incredibly energy intensive – every day we use enough electricity to power 13,000 homes so we are always looking at ways to balance the environmental impact of our essential activities.

So far in the UK just 14% of companies have switched at least one vehicle to electric but as a responsible local business we want to support the investment in renewable generation in the UK and contribute to global efforts to tackle climate change.”

The new vehicles will be leased from Drax, a supplier of renewable electricity.


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