Waterstones in Reigate to be named “Waterstones” after all

Waterstones new site in Bell Street, on Sunday. (Photo: reigate.uk)


Waterstones’ new Reigate store, in Bell Street, will be branded “Waterstones”, and not “The Reigate Bookshop” as stated in a planning application filed in February.

Yesterday a spokesperson for Waterstones said the signage proposal for “The Reigate Bookshop” had been made in error:

“We call our very small shops by the name of their location, but ‘Waterstones’ if they are a normal size.

The person who put in the planning permission had assumed the shop to be much smaller than is the case.”

A new signage application for “Waterstones” has been submitted to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, although that’s not yet on the public register.  Temporary signage on the windows has always referred to “Waterstones”.

Elsewhere in the country the practice of not naming some stores as “Waterstones” has proved controversial, and in Reigate there was some Twitter discussion about the use of “The Reigate Bookshop” name.

The store is due to open at Easter weekend, and Waterstones will be giving more details in the near future, including fun activities that are being lined up.

Waterstones will occupy one of the two ground floor units at the former Knights building, now known as Knights Yard –  Oliver Bonas is taking the other.  Elsewhere in the building there will be six flats: our previous articles about the building are here.


How it could have looked, according to the signage application (Brinsmoor Solutions)


Signage application 18/00419/ADV

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