Wray Lane work nearing conclusion

Wray Lane closure Wednesday evening (27 March). (Photo: reigate.uk)


Gas distribution company SGN said on Wednesday (27 March) that it expects to reopen Wray Lane by this weekend, with repairs now over and the work of reinstating the road surface under way.

The road has been closed since the start of the month at the junction with Ridgegate Close, with access for residents being via the no-entry signs at the top of the road.

As the route is a link up to the A217 and M25, other roads have been busier.

Last week the company said it had been working “seven days a week” on the gas repair work but couldn’t give a date for completion.

Asked for an update, and about a view from a resident that the company hadn’t worked this past weekend, SGN spokesperson Dan Brown said on Wednesday:

“The final repairs to our gas network on Wray Lane were completed on Monday 25 March.

We’re now carrying out reinstatement and work to restore the road surface to its original condition. Holes are filled with different layers of material to restore the road to its original condition.

During reinstatement, we may only attend the site for short periods to carry out checks or to add the next layer of material. By ensuring each layer has completely set, it helps prevent potholes from appearing as the layers are stronger.

We must wait until the new road surface has completely set before it’s safe to remove our barriers and reopen the road to motorists. All being well, we expect to complete our resurfacing work by the weekend.

We’d like to thank road users for their continued patience while we carry out this essential work.”




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