Wray Lane closure continues

Signs on Wray Lane at the junction of Ridgegate Close on Saturday (photo: reigate.uk)


Hopes that roadworks on Wray Lane would finish last week went unfulfilled, with the road still closed to through traffic as of Saturday morning (16 March).

Website roadworks.org says the work could continue until this coming Friday, 22 March.

The road is closed near its junction with Ridgegate Close, with residents having access through the no-entry signs at the top.

Gas distribution company SGN has been carrying out repairs since around the start of this month.

Traffic that would normally use the road to access the A217 and the M25 has had to find alternative routes, with Raglan Road among the roads that has been noticeably busier in commuter peaks.

SGN had expected to finish the work last week: reigate.uk will contact the company for an update.

In the road on Saturday morning there was a smell of gas, with an SGN employee on-site looking into the matter.


Roadworks on Saturday (photo: reigate.uk)


Top of Wray Lane on Saturday, with signs struggling in the wind (Photo: reigate.uk)



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